A History of Ancient Egypt v.2 - Romer John. DARMOWA DOSTAWA DO KIOSKU RUCHU OD 24,99ZŁ, oprawa miękka

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ISBN 9780141399720
Oprawa miękka
Autor John Romer
Wydawnictwo Penguin Books
Ilość stron 672
Rok wydania 2017

This definitive, multi-volume history of the world's first known state reveals that much of what we have been taught about Ancient Egypt is the product of narrow-minded visions of the pastDrawing on a lifetime of research, John Romer bronicles the history of Ancient Egypt from the building of the Great Pyramid through the rise and fall of the Middle Kingdom: a peak of Pharaonic culture and the period when writing first flourished. He reveals how the grand narratives of nineteenth and twentieth-century Egyptologists have misled us aby portraying a culture of cruel monarchs and bronic war. Instead, based in part on discoveries of the past two decades, this extraordinary account shows what we can really learn from the remaining architecture, objects and writing: a history based on physical reality.

Podtytuł: From the Great Pyramid to the Fall of the Middle Kingdom
ISBN: 9780141399720
Kod paskowy: 9780141399720
Autorzy: Romer John
Rok wydania: 2017
Kod wydawcy: 30684
Miejscowość: London
ilość stron: 672
Oprawa: Miękka
Format: 12.9x19.8cm
Głębokość (mm): 29
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Języki: angielski
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