The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East

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ISBN 9780713688214
Autor Dick Forsman
Wydawnictwo T A D Poyser
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This book presents the most complete and up to date guide to the recognition of the diurnal raptors of Europe and the Middle East yet published. It is written aby an acknowledged expert, the author of many definitive identification articles and veteran of countless tours and expeditions. Over 700 high quality colour photographs have been specially chosen to show the plumages of each age and sex class of every species found in Europe and the Middle East, back up żeby a detailed text enabling birdwatchers to get to grips with even the most difficult species. The photographs are complemented aby almost 100 drawings focussing on particular identification details, and the whole is fully referenced with a list of nearly 300 key papers and articles. This book sets a new kanon for raptor watching and identification in Europe and further afield.